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Come put your feet up feet, relax and listen to some (mostly) original music!

I feel like this is truly, a labor of love...but it could just be a bit of self-indulgence.
No matter. I just write stuff I like to write, without any rhyme or reason.
Well...there's rhymes in the lyrics, but you know what I mean.

It was an honor to be asked by other artists, to play on their songs.
I've included two songs: one by Sparkie Allison and another by Michael Ferry
Thank you for the privilege to be part of your music!

A special thank you to my wife, Barbara, for the vocals on "Legend", and to John Corda for the piano on "Can't Understand It".

Feel free to send any comments, or just say "hello".
I'd love to hear from you!!

About Keith

I learned to play guitar so I could participate in "Folk Masses" -a very new thing for churches, at the time.
Since then, I've been musical groups, a trio, some duos and even played solo for a little while.
Along the way, I'd enjoyed a stint as lead guitarist for the "Mass Transit" band,and wrote the music for a production of "Winnie The Pooh" at Symphony Hall (Springfield MA).
What a wonderful (and humbling) experience that was!
For a few years I'd performed for the "Rays of Hope" (to benefit breast cancer research) and performed at the Eastern States Exposition/Big E.

I no longer perform, except for a few isolated occasions. Mostly, I enjoy writing/recording music in my spare time.

On this website you can listen to some of my original songs.
In addition, there's a couple songs are a few songs I'd accompanied another artist.
Thanks to Sparkie Allison and Michael Ferry for the privilege of playing on your songs!

Say hello!